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Decorating your Holiday Mantle

We get a lot of questions on how to decorate a fireplace mantle. Here are a few things to consider.

Before you get started, think about the overall design and decor of your home. Is it traditional, farmhouse, industrial, modern and uncluttered, glitzy and glamorous? You will want to keep your holiday decor in tune with the rest of the home.

A muted, monochromatic design will look modern and fresh. Black, white and gray are popular this year and can look beautiful with some fresh greenery. Think about using metals with lanterns, candlesticks and ornaments.

Traditional colors of red, green, gold and silver never go out of style. Red and white are a great combination.

To get started, clear everything off and give it a good cleaning. Start with greenery. You can use a swag or garland. Fresh garland smells wonderful but can be a hassle with cleanup. If you are using fresh greenery, add a couple of varieties of branches. This will add texture and visual interest.

We prefer a high quality artificial garland that has the details of real branches. If you would like it to hang over each side be sure to add that length when making your purchase. We have also seen beautiful arrangements with garland not extending quite the length of the mantle.

To the greenery you can add ornaments and sprigs of holly. Add shine - gold and silver elements to go with your theme.

Next we want to add some height and bring the eye up. If you have a TV installed above your mantel like a lot of us do, think about the space on either side. Add a tall lantern, candlesticks or artificial trees. A mirror above the mantle is also common. Think about hanging a wreath on top of the mirror. This can be a great layered look.


There are quite a few products out there now that hook onto mantles without damage. As a fun alternative, you can use a box or deep shelf that has coat hooks on it, fill it with greenery and hang stockings from there. This is a great rustic look.

Adding Decor

A basic rule for decorating a mantle, whether for the holidays or everyday, is to use symmetrical pieces on either end of the mantle. This can be achieved with tall candle holders, vases, or lanterns on either side. Using mismatched pieces of the same height will give the same pleasing, balanced effect.

Don’t forget to add personal touches. Think about stacking smaller items so they don’t get lost in the greenery. Mixing up the scale of decor items will also add visual interest.

We hope this article has brought you some inspiration. Stop in our store for holiday decor. Our designers are always happy to help you find your personal style and pull the whole look together. Happy decorating!

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