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Planning a Holiday Party - Think Outside the Kitchen!

As we approach the holidays, we look forward to long overdue gatherings with family and friends. When you are the host, there are long to-do lists, menus to plan and cookies to make!

Guests tend to gather around the kitchen counter or table where the food and drinks are. Lately, I have been noticing a trend where people are starting to decorate and have food stations and drinks set up in different places other than the kitchen. This offers more opportunity for interaction and encourages guests to meander around and mingle.

I went to a cute party at a girlfriend's home and she had a mimosa bar and a breakfast charcuterie board filled with waffles, pancakes, bagels, fruit, bacon, yogurt parfait, muffins, and French bread sticks. The mimosa bar had different juices, fruit, and fixings.

All of these items, including the setup of the cute tea party set up in the dining room was provided by

Having different rooms set up with food and drinks made it more welcoming for everyone to spread out throughout the day and everyone got to enjoy themselves in different settings. It could be something as simple as finger sandwiches and cookies.

Cookies were provided by Taste of Benedicts in Crystal Lake.

This concept is a version of “food stations”, or a variety of serving areas, to have drinks on one side of the party, food on the other, and snacks/desserts scattered throughout.

If you're worried about pets getting to these food items, you can just wrap up your items in little bags. A good idea is to also have a garbage can in each room for easy disposal.

We hope you enjoy your holidays with friends and family and we wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Natalie Gillespie

Interior Designer, A-Z Interiors

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