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Get your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays

The holiday season will soon be upon us and guests will be arriving. Here are some tips to help make your guest bedroom inviting and welcoming. Your guests will remember and appreciate the care you took to make their visit extra special.

Create a plush and comfy bed

There is nothing better than sleeping in a comfy bed with a plush duvet, cozy pillows and soft throw blankets. We recommend setting a tranquil environment with all white linens on the bed. Most people like to sleep with at least two pillows. Down-alternative pillows and comforters will be a better option for those guests with allergies.

Choose calming paint colors

The best paint colors to use in your guest room are soft blues, grays, whites and neutral beige tones. It’s best to keep the wall colors light because you can add other pops of color in with the room decor. Start with the paint colors and then you choose decor to complement the paint.

Eliminate clutter

Keep the room spotless. Be sure to not overcrowd the room with furniture and other decor elements. Keep the space open and airy to give your visitors a comfortable and restful space to sleep and stay in. The clean lines of modern decor are calming.

Provide extra towels and toiletries

Be sure to have extra items on hand in case something was forgotten at home including shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste. Have extra towels and a hair dryer readily available. Place all these items in a decorative basket.

Be "tech-ready"

Place a power strip next to bed to accommodate phone and device chargers. Also, give them the password to your home wifi. You can print a cute welcome sign with your wifi network and password and place it on a dresser or table.

Bedside lamp

A bedside lamp is a must for guests who love to read in bed and it allows guests to turn off the light at night without leaving their bed. It is a simple thing that should not be overlooked.

Luggage rack

If you have room for a luggage rack, your guests will appreciate having a spot to open their suitcase at an accessible height as opposed to the floor. There are many modern options that are foldable so they can be tucked away when not in use. A spot to hang a few items is also a nice touch.

Add a water carafe

There are some beautiful bedside water carafes available. Having it on the bedside table is a nice touch. You can even add a small tray under it to protect the furniture.

Create a coffee station

If you have the room, set up a coffee station with a one cup coffee maker and some bottled water. Put together an assortment of coffee pods, creamers, and tea bags too. Think about the smile on your guests face when they wake up and can comfortably brew their own cup of coffee.

Our team of interior designers have the expertise for creating inviting home spaces. Let us know if we can help design the perfect space for your guests. Stop by our store or give us a call!

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